Tiger Woods

Putt for Peace

Short and sweet peacenik-y Newsday op-ed from 1997.

The sweetest hangover: Tiger Woods apologizes


The most disappointing part of Tiger Woods' apology was when he insisted Ellin never whacked him with his golf club, as we all assumed -- thereby depriving posterity of an all-time comedic tableau. We skeptics may be forgiven our disbelief, however, particularly since under the circumstances -- an irate wife confronting her husband with evidence of unceasing adultery -- the only question his strange, self-righteous proclamation that "there has never been an episode of domestic violence in our marriage ever" seems designed to answer is, "When did your wife stop beating you?"

The Failure of Tom Watson


Watching Tom Watson's three-from-the-edge on the last regulation hole of the British Open was enough to make even a hardy golf nut agree with all those people who make fun of it. Maybe it really is an idiotic game. To suffer one of the most grievous professional heartbreaks of a lifetime by fanning an attempt at an eight-footer after having done everything right for 71 holes -- that's not golf, that's some marathon existential spoon-egg race. 

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